And Baby Will Fall poster

And Baby Will Fall

HD 5.6 84 min
Expectant parents become prime suspects in the disappearance of a pregnant woman who was last seen at their garage sale. Model citizen David Rose runs a garden center and is a devoted house-father. Like his wife Ivy, who suffered two stillbirths, their new neighbor Melinda is near to giving birth. Just after David showed her around in the Rose home, Melinda goes missing. Although no corpse is found, just circumstantial evidence more likely to be planted then stupidly left behind, police detective Blanchard treats David as his sole suspect, soon arrested, even after nosy neighbor Bindel is knocked down while David is in jail. School buddy Theo does his best to counsel the couple, yet Ivy doubts her husband's innocence just because of indications he may have had an affair with Melinda since high-school, and starts snooping with her best friend Jody. The worst crime is still being hatched.

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