25 best alien movies

May 6 2017
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In the world there are many people who believe in existence of alien beings. Many of them declare that faced them personally, saw the presents "UFO" and even to them talked. Most of these persons are professional ufologists, they approach this question only from the scientific point of view. Movies about newcomers allow each viewer to compare the guesses with the point of view of the director. These movies give opportunity, without appearing the house to make a trip on other planet, together with astronauts to go to space expedition.

It is undoubted that the similar cinema entirely relies on fiction, on events which never occurred actually. But there are also movies which are based on the real facts. Such movies, as a rule, much less. World cinematographers created a certain stereotype of an embodiment of alien beings. But some directors receded from all-habitual appearance of aliens and created the individual. Often these beings are presented as terrible monsters who are at any time ready to get into a body of the person. Their main goal - to seize the planet and to subordinate to itself mankind.
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8.02016 Movie
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Star Trek Beyond

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The 5th Wave

5.22016 Movie
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Terminator Genisys

6.52015 Movie
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Edge of Tomorrow

7.92014 Movie
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Pacific Rim

7.02013 Movie
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7.02012 Movie